“Mr. Atlas delivers a rousing finale with a shiver-inducing studio session involving father and sons that’s at once a glimpse at deeply felt family dynamics and a moving bridge across generations.”

—NY Times

“Beautiful to behold”

—LA Times

“Brothers Hypnotic will restore your faith in humanity, bring a tear to your eye, a heavy stomp to your right foot and, possibly, make you curse your parents for not forcing you to wake up at the crack of dawn for tuba practice.”


“Lively, funny… philosophical... an intriguing microcosm of the tensions between the hip-hop generation and its civil-rights-era forebears.”


“When a film successfully footnotes heavy-hitters like Prince, Mos Def, and Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), the main subject's gotta be tight.”

—Austin Chronicle

“Sheer crowd pleasing force”

—LA Weekly

“Poetic... as much a music documentary as it is an examination of a complex family history over two generations”


“Radical, brash and even sentimental”

—Film Society at Lincoln Center


—Hollywood Reporter